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K-FLEX is pleased to introduce its accessory range tool sets specifically tailored to each type of installation.

After an extensive research, the K-FLEX team has selected the best tools to support measurement, cutting and gluing... everything necessary for the application of our insulating products!

Measuring tools:
In addition to the classic metal rolling meter and the wooden meter, we have also selected a sturdy metal rule to facilitate linear cuts, a caliper and a compass suitable also for large diameter pipes and a cut-resistant template for the measurement and creation of elbows and T’s.

Cutting tools:
In addition to the classic cutter with spare blades, we offer a set of knives of varying lengths complete with sharpening stone, a large mitrebox with grooves at 45°, 22.5° and 90° to facilitate the sectioning of the tube and a set of copper cores of various diameters to make the necessary holes to isolate valves, etc. All cutting tools are supplied with the correct blade guard or packaging specifically designed for transport, protection of the installer and of the product itself.

Gluing tools:
We offer a K-FLEX glue package specifically designed for our products to be used in conjunction with a set of flat brushes of different sizes or with the appropriate K-FLEX® applicator, as recommended in our installation manuals. There is also a special solvent-resistant container for cleaning brushes.

In the toolbox you will find everything necessary for tracing onto our insulation products, a K-FLEX installation manual and innovative multi-purpose wipes for cleaning hands and tools, without using water.

All our solutions, designed for the installer, are divided into practical sets for each installation: BASIC and MEDIUM set.

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